Weddings in Oludeniz

With such breathtaking views it’s no surprise there so many weddings in Oludeniz . Earlier this year in December we were walking near the mouth of the lagoon and stopped to have a drink at the cafe there. Some turkish people arrived and it was clear to see a turkish wedding was happening. The bride looked amazing my partner mentioned it to her, but I wish we had a photo the one below is nowhere near as good.

It was really nice to see people in traditional turkish attire. Like being on a filmset on a old film. Im pretty sure they had just had photographs taken at the lagoon. It was boxing day 2018 and about 21 degrees and a clear blue sky (dont tell everyone we like having Oludeniz to ourselves at Christmas). The water was clear like glass and the sun at that time of year is so stunning. They were the only other people there apart from us. Everyone looked much more glamorous when compared to weddings I have seen before.

Oludeniz Beach Weddings

We drank our turkish tea left and walked back to Oludeniz but it reminded us of our first night back in 1995. We were sat in the Oba, then a backpackers campsite with a bar and restaurant ( now sadly its only a car park ). Then we ended up in the middle of a wedding party that arrived. Feeling out of place we went to leave apologising for interupting, only to be sat down and told we had to stay and we were to enjoy the celebrations with them and we were their guests. Our first night in Turkey we felt the hospitality and warmth of the turkish people – Thank You. We also learnt that Raki (Lions Milk) gives you a killer hangover. Sorry thats is a lie we haven’t learnt  Raki struck again last May.

Reasons to Choose Oludeniz for Weddings

Its no surprise that people choose Oludeniz for their weddings. There are not that many places with such a stunning backdrop. The lagoon the turquoise sea and the huge pine clad mountains. Dalyan is also another place people also choose. Again Dalyan is  stunningly beautiful with the winding river running through the town seat against the reed beds.

It looks like there are quite a few operators offering wedding packages to oludeniz. Mostly seemed geared towards the formal weddings we expect in the UK. If it was me I would prefer the laid back feel of the turkish wedding I saw back in the Oba in 1995. It seemed much more fun. Think that ship has sailed now. Our son will be 30 next, we still havent got round to thinking of weddings. We thought we would live together for a while before we commit. The first the first 33 years have been great so mabye a few more and we will decide.

Oludeniz is a great choice, so many great hotels and so cheap compared to back in the UK. A perfect setting for the day and so much to do for your guests when there. The only downside I see this year is the cost of the flights. That will change now tourism is picking up again. All It needs a bit more competition amongst the airlines. And Im sure that will happen next year as it already has become popular again 84% up on last year according to Thomas Cook .