Turtle Hospital

Turtle hospital Iztuzu Beach Dalyan

If you are staying or visiting Dalyan and go to Iztuzu beach. You could easily miss one of its best attractions. The turtle hospital. you will find the hospital at the far east end of the beach. Unfortunately the hospital is at the opposite end to where all the visiting boat trips drop off.  And because of this it Misses out on so many potential visitors that could see the place.

Tho official website is here  The Kaptan June Sea Turtle Foundation – Dalyan

Turtle Hospital Dalyan

Captain June ( Kaptan June )

Founded by Kaptan June ( June Haimoff MBE ) an environmentalist who lives in Dalyan. Along with fellow environmentalists including David Bellamy. Lily Venizelos, Günther Peter, Nergis Yazgan and Keith Corbett. Started a campaign to preserve İztuzu Beach as a nesting habitat for the loggerhead turtle.

Known locally as Caretta Caretta. Iztuzu beach is important as is one of the main nesting places in both Turkey and the Mediterranean.

Turtles Iztuzu Beach Dalyan

Getting to the Turtle Hospital

To get there get the Dolmus ( bus ) from Dalyan to the beach. The bus drops you off very near to the hospital. Just walk back towards the road leading down to the beach and the hospital just there.

In the hospital you will find large tanks with turtles in being treated for their injuries and you may also see baby turtles that have recently hatched. However you will only see baby turtles if you are there at the right time of year. The staff are very informative and love to talk to you about the place and the turtles they treat. Its Obvious Kaptan June is highly thought off.

Iztuzu Beach Turtle Beach

Feeding Loggahead Turtles

You sometimes see the loggahead turtles in the canal at Dalyan. Its not good for them to be there as there are so many boats. The reason they are there is for an easy meal. Scraps thrown to them stops them having to hunt for food. However being so close to boats is not good.

You may also see Loggahead turtles congregating in certain places in Fethiye harbour to be fed small fish sold to tourists. Again scavenging in the harbour near all the boats is not the best place for them.

Loggahead Turtle Dalyan Turkey