Turkey Visa

Turkey Visa

Turkey Visa Applications : Please only use the official website that issues the tourists Visa to visit Turkey  https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/  there arer other websites that will issue the visa but are resellers or bogus sites and will try and charge you much more than the $20 (approx £14) it costs to buy from the official site.

Turkey Visa


Firstly Your passport must be valid for 60 days beyond the expiry date of your Turkish visa. British citizens do need a visa to travel to Turkey. You can apply for the visa online at www.evisa.gov.tr before you go. It costs US$20, payable by VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card.

You can apply up to 3 months in advance of your travel date. Turkish visit visas issued on arrival are valid for multiple stays. Up to a maximum of 90 days in a 180 day period.

Staying Longer than 90 Days

If you intend to stay in Turkey longer than mentioned period (90 days in 180 days period). You are required to apply for residence permit and cannoy saty on a visitors visa.

Save Your Visa Details

It is always a good idea to have printed confirmation of your visa when you travel, or a copy on your tablet or smartphone. Although you will be registered on the computer system used at the Turkish passport control when your visa is issued. You cannot be sure 100% that the computer system will be up and running with no glitches.

If you don’t have an e-Visa you can still get a visa on arrival for £20 in cash, although the visa on arrival service is due to be phased out. Getting an e-Visa from the official website before you travel will avoid possible problems or delays at the Turkish border, or when boarding your flight in the UK.

Now enjoy your visit to Oludeniz.