Set on the hillside above Oludeniz. Ovacik has its own character. Many hotels alongside numerous villas heading up the hillside from the main road that links Oludeniz to Fethiye. And only a stonesthrow from the very busy tourist town of Hisaronu.

Both Ovacik and Hisaronu were once little countryside villages. Over the past 20 years they have both grown into lively tourist resorts. Hisaronu is the busier of the two with its numerous bars restaurants and nightclubs. Ovacik is the more residential area leading out from Hisaronu. Ovacik is much more relaxed with numerous hotels and villas. Spreading off from the main road that runs from Fethiye to Oludeniz.

Ovacik Turkey

Ovacik and Hisaronu. Two once rural areas in between Fethiye and Oludeniz sat by the side of Babadag ( The Father Mountain). Rising almost 2000mtrs up from the sea. The whole area is surrounded by pine forests and has breathtaking views across the hills and valleys. And down into Oludeniz bay.

Ovacik is predominantly residential area now with a large number of hotels, villa rentals most at very reasonable prices. Over the last 15 years. Ovacik has also become a popular destination for those that choose to relocate and live there in a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Not surprising as it is one of the closest residential areas to the famous blue lagoon in Oludeniz where further development is not allowed. Ovacik has now grow into a busy yet laid back holiday resort with beautiful views and a mountain breeze. I can suit many whether you are looking for peace and quiet or if you want to enjoy the lively nightlife nearby Hisaronu.

Ovacik its Just that bit cooler up the hill

It can often be a few degrees cooler in Ovacik than it is down the valley in Oludeniz. So can be a good location to avoid the very hot midsummer heat. It is also very central if you want to visit all the areas nearby. Hisaronu is just across the road at the far end and its a short dolmus or taxi trip. To Fethiye Kayakoy and Oludeniz. in addition the sunsets over the hills can be fantastic.

One thing I did find is the roads can be busy. And often cars travel around far too fast for a built up area. Especially on the top road. If you are visiting with children please be aware of this. The top road in particular would certainly benefit from some speed bumps.

Villas in Ovacik

One thing you will notice in Ovacik is the amount of villas. Some villas are holiday rentals however many are also owned by the large ex pat community. Who live either part time of permanently in the area. Although a large part of Ovacik will close down over the winter quite a few places stay open all year round. Just because of the number of permanent residents, many of whom are British who have visited over the years and have decided to up sticks and move, and quite a few opting simply retire to Turkey .

What to do In Ovacik

There is plenty to do in the area and numerous day trips are always on offer. Jeep safaris or excursions to many of the historical or scenic places nearby. The start of the Lycian Way walk also starts from Ovacik which travels 540km along the stunning coastline all the way to Antalya. The start of the walk begins at the Montana Pine Hotel and travels along the hillside overlooking Oludeniz this beginning part of the walk gives some great views over Oludeniz and is well worth a look the road is a little rocky and unmade in parts. you will know when to turn back as the road ends and the real walk then starts.

Early and late season sees the region fill up with walking groups and hikers keen to explore the area, April and early may can be spectacular with all the spring flowers out.
There are many other things to do in the area. paragliding, a water park, an adventure park with tree climbing and zip lines, horse riding, walking a Turkish bath or just enjoying food and drinks in one of the many restaurants or bars throughout Ovacik.

Nearest Beach to Ovacik

Ovacik is a resort in a valley set up on the hill between Oludeniz and Fethiye. The beach at Oludeniz is easy to get to and is only a few minutes on a dolmus. Or its a short taxi ride away. Many of the all inclusive hotels have a shuttle bus. That can you down to one of the beach bars on the Blue Lagoon.

Babadag Cable Car

Already under construction is “Sky Walk Fethiye” the cable car system which will take you up the mountain “Babadag” which overlooks Ovacik. It is due to open in time for the annual Air Games in October 2018, If you are staying in Ovacik from the 16th to 21st of October 2018 make sure you go down the hill to see the games. The Paragliders are a fixture of Oludeniz. This is taken to a new level during October when the air games are on

At the moment you have to go up quite a steep road to get to the take off points almost 2000mtrs up the mountain. In fact I think the drive up and down is far more hair raising than doing a tandem jump off the top. The cable car will give you the same views but without you crossing all fingers whilst passing another vehicle on the narrow road up.