American Auto Show Near Dalyan

American Auto Show Dalyan Turkey

If visiting Dalyan Turkey and you like old American cars. You don’t want to miss this place “The American Auto Show”.  It’s a scrapyard / auto shop. Where there are hundreds of cars from the 1930s to 1970s in various states of disrepair.

Classic American Car American Classic Dalyan

We came across it a few years ago and decided to have a look around. Not knowing if it was open to the public or not we went anyway. On arrival were welcomed inside and given a full guided tour. The cars are near Dalyan in Ortaca, and are on some open land just on the left as you head out of town on the road that heads off towards Marmaris. I have put a post up about it “here” . However I have just come across more photos I took so have put them on this page.

American Car Turkey Old American Car

Seeing people working on the cars, welding and cutting panels in the open air. And bringing some of these old classic cars back to their former glory was an added bonus.

Classic Car Ortaca Ortaca American Auto Show

Dalyan, you can keep the mud Baths! I much preferred visiting this.

I understand its not everyone’s cup of tea, to go looking at old cars some rotting into the ground on holiday. But I know a few piston heads that would really like to visit this. I haven’t seen the place mentioned anywhere, just lucky I spotted it from the bus. The hotel we were staying at knew about it, but seem surprised anyone wanted to visit.

American Auto Show Dalyan Vintage American Car Scrapyard Turkey

Dalyan is famous for its mud baths. Where you can cover yourself in mud with crowds of tourists. Shower off and then soak in a sulphur pool where you come out stinking of rotten eggs. I don’t get it ? Much preferred wandering around here. I must have taken more than a hundred pictures here’s just a few.

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