Oludeniz Weather May

Oludeniz weather May can be cool at nights until later in the month but is often like a hot summer day back in the UK usually in the mid 20s . May Is the month I really like visiting as its the perfect temperature for getting about and walking the countryside.  I often find it at its best towards the latter end of the month as the evenings start to warm up that little bit more.

Oludeniz weather May - Walk from Kayakoy to Oludeniz Springtime Oludeniz Weather May - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Hiking

This May 2017 we stayed in Ovacik for a few days before spending the last couple of days in Oludeniz and we really could tell the difference between the two places at night in Ovacik it really was sweatshirts and jeans on in the evening. So much so I had to go and put a thick shirt on as well as my sweatshirt. Got down to Oludeniz and it was a few degrees warmer which made a real difference.

As I said before the perfect daytime temperatures do make up for the slightly cooler evenings. If you like the really hot weather and can acclimatize easily to heat. You may want to wait until July and August. When its not uncommon to be in the 40s during the day.

Another thing to note is the tourist season is only just starting, If you are there early May, some places may be closed and the resort will be much quieter. Not as quiet as in April as  then you will only find a few places open. Catering for the hikers that are there for the Lycian Way walking route.

It does get busier and busier as the month of May goes on. By the end of May and the beginning of June everywhere is open and the resort is in full swing for the summer months.