Oludeniz Weather December

Oludeniz Weather December. I was pleasantly surprised by the weather in December when I visited over Christmas this year 2017. During the day it was glorious sunshine for the first 4 days of 7 day visit. On day 4 there were a few clouds in the morning but again clear blue sky by lunchtime.  Day five again clouds in the morning with a few light showers and clearing by mid afternoon. Day six was clouds and that evening the heavens opened and there were thunderstorms all night. We left the next morning and it was still raining heavily. Looking on the internet when back in the UK. The weather had again gone back to clear blue sky Just in time for the New Year.

Sey Bar Oludeniz December 2017

Christmas Break – Oludeniz Weather December

I would definitely visit again in December.  Temperatures low 20s out in the sun, but gets quite cold as soon as the sun goes in. I would liken it to a nice spring day in May back in the UK.  Not quite t shirts and shorts temperatures. However I went out with a sweatshirt and coat on. They were both packed away in my backpack after a short while.

Oludeniz Weather December 2017

I was in Malaga last November and the temperatures were very much the same. There may be a little more chance of rain in the Fethiye region due to it being so mountainous. But from my 7 day visit to only get one dull day was pretty good  (rained most of the week back home in the UK ).

I have written a little more about this years trip over at Christmas. For some reason not many people visit at this time of year we has a great break and would not hesitate going over again for a December break. “Here is a link to the Blog Page.”

If you can get a reasonably priced flight Oludeniz is a great place to get away at Christmas I’m surprised more people don’t go.