Oludeniz Weather April

Although out of season  Oludeniz weather April is very pleasant, there can be rain though. Its’ a really nice time to visit places near Oludeniz. Many walkers opt for this time to do the Lycian Way. I did part of it a number of years ago. Because it is early in the season all the wild flower’s are in abundance. We did the walk from “Kaya to Oludeniz” as a warm up before the Lycian Way and I took these Pictures.

Oludeniz In April

The flowers on the walk were stunning in April. And on the open parts of the walk we came across some wild horses. Which I haven’t seen before near Oludeniz. I returned to do the same walk with my partner the year after in mid May. I described the open field full of flowers and wild horses that we were about to see. Upon getting there, all the flowers had died off, it was now barren open scrub land. It looked completely different. Still a great walk but it is at its best in April.

Oludeniz Weather April Flowers Oludeniz Weather April Kayakoy

Oludeniz Weather April cold at night

The weather in Olüdeniz April can be very pleasant in the daytime, but still quite cold in the evenings and at nighttime. Very different from what you would expect in the summer months. When the sun is out it can get quite warm during the day 22 to 25 degrees is not uncommon however it can rain.  and it can be heavy rain.

Oludeniz Weather April Wild Horse Kayakoy Oludeniz Weather April Wild Horse Goat No1

What to do in Oludeniz weather April

As mentioned before it can be a great time to do walks in the region the countryside does look at its best this time of year. and  its probably a great time to do some sightseeing as there are less crowds and less midday heat, Oludeniz will be quiet most places are not open until May when the tourist season starts t, normally season starts in May. I personally quite liked staying there when it was closed down there are a few places open and it felt like we had the resort to ourselves. Fethiye would be a more lively place to stay in April it is not a place that opens just for tourists and is a quite busy town.

On the page you will see some pictures I took in April 2009 In Kayakoy and Kabak.

Oludeniz Weather April Wild Horse Goat No2 Oludeniz Weather April Kabak Full Moon Camp