Oludeniz Weather

Oludeniz Weather

Oludeniz Weather is typically Mediterranean weather relatively mild winters around 16oC in the daytime and much cooler at nights and hot summers  often reaching the mid to high 30s. My personal favorite times are late May early July or September.


The tourist season starts in May and runs through to late October. The annual Air Games takes place in mid October and the resort winds down soon after. People do arrive in April and quite a few hotels are open then as this is probably the best time to see the countryside when all the wild flowers are in full Bloom.

Oludeniz Flowers in April

Oludeniz Weather May and June

May and June are very good times to visit as its warm but not uncomfortable. Early may can be cold at nights especially if you are up the hill in Ovacik. Which is always a few degrees cooler. The days are often perfect warm and sunny mid 20s.

Oludeniz Weather July and August

July and August are the hot months. Its not uncommon tor the midday heat to be in the late 30s and 40s, It takes me a while to acclimatize to those temperatures and The walking I usually enjoy doing goes out of the window. This is where staying in Ovacik has an advantage as there is always a mountain breeze cooling things down just a little. Sun lovers this is the time for you.

Oludeniz Weather September and October

September and October are much like May and June . I have been for the air games some years in October and it has still been great weather. Warm even in the evenings which is unusual. More often than not October will cool down and t shirts and shorts will be replaced by Jeans and jumpers at night.

Oludeniz Weather November December January February and March

For November and March the average is 18 to 20 degrees in the daytime. And December January and February around 16 degrees and is way down to single figures in the evening.