Blue Lagoon

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon

The Oludeniz blue lagoon is probably one of the most photographed parts of the Mediterranean. It is also where many people staying in Oludeniz spend the day on holiday. There are quite a few beach clubs around the back of the lagoon. An fee is usually charged to enter a beach club. You can then use their sunbeds and facilities. Many of the larger hotels have deals with these beach clubs. And offer a minibus service that will take you to and bring you back from one of the beach bars.

The water in the lagoon is very calm and sheltered from the sea as the beach in Oludeniz itself can have a few waves. Its not uncommon to see a large logahead turtle coming up for air in the oludeniz blue lagoon so keep an eye out.

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon

The Public Beach

If you walk along the beach heading towards the lagoon. This side of the lagoon is the public beach and is a nature reserve. Due to this there is a token fee to enter this side of the lagoon. I think it is around 6 lira per person. In addition this is where you will find the outcrop which is featured on most pictures of Oludeniz. Because this is is the point where the sea reaches the entrance of the lagoon. The water here can be crystal clear if the conditions are right. Pictured Below.

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon

The Beach Clubs around the Oludeniz Blue Lagoon Are

The Sugar Beach Club

Paradise Beach

Sea Horse Beach Club

and at the very far end there  is the Sun City Beach Club

If you are like me and find it difficult to sit on a sunbed for hours. There is a great walk from just past the Sun City Beach Club. The walk takes you over the hills to Kayakoy about 6k (3.75miles). Leave the sun worshppers in your group, and by the time you walk there and back from one of the beach clubs. 12k ( 7.5 miles ) Around 3 to 4 hours. Therefore sitting down and having a cool effes and a rest on a sunbed is just the ticket after the walk. Here’s some pics I tool on the walk “Oludeniz to Kayakoy walk”.  Furthermore be careful when following the markings. It’s quite easy to stray from the path if you haven’t done the walk before.