Oludeniz is not only one of the most popular resorts in Turkey set in a small picturesque valley. With lively bars and restaurants. It is also Home to the world famous blue lagoon and beach. All set behind the backdrop of Babadag ( the father mountain ) which towers almost 2000 mtrs straight out of the sea. Oludeniz is also one of the worlds best places for paragliding and hosts the annual air games in October.

Oludeniz Turkey

Oludeniz ( Dead Sea )

I first visited Oludeniz back in 1995. Then it was half backpackers campsites and half hotels and had a very laid back charm. I talked to an old college friend who has been there backpacking in the 1980s and he just remembered campsites. It has changed now it is quite a busy and  lively resort. Very much so in the height of summer. It’s almost as if  some of the music bars in Hisaronu had slipped down the hill into Olu. However the resort still has a very chilled out feeling as soon as you wander off from the main strip.

Oludeniz Front

Although I now visit quite a few places in and around this region of Turkey. I still have to Visit Ölüdeniz for at least a couple of days when I’m there. It can be quite hot mid summer and my favorite times are late May / early June and late September / early October. I feel that at these times you get the ideal temperatures. I like to get out into the countryside. However in the height of summer when it can get into the 40s. this is not such a good idea. We have been to the air games quite a few times in October and have been out at night with shorts and T shirts. However evenings in October usually get colder. By then and jumpers and jeans are called for.

Oludeniz Links

I will be adding a links page to all the areas around Oludeniz including Kayakoy Ovacik Hisanoru etc. and if any bar small hotel or restaurant wants to put a link and small write up I will be happy to put it up on the site.

Kayakoy 2009Oludenix Air Games 2018 October 16th to 21st

Below is a Video by Mick Scarsbrook who has done a great series of videos on Youtube showing Ölüdeniz and quite a few other places nearby

Paragilding Oludeniz

Oludeniz, well known for paragliding. Paragliders glide down all day long, weather permiting  from Babadag. “The father mountain” to land on the front strip. Babadag itself has a stunning view fron the top. The mountain is almost 2000mtrs high and rises straight up from the sea overlooking Olu. The annual “Oludeniz Air Games” held there in October. At this time of year the place is full of people there to witness the spectacular event.

Oludeniz and The Blue Lagoon

You may well have seen pictures Oludeniz and its blue lagoon. Which is one of most photographed stretches of beach in the world. The turquoise clear sea and the backdrop of the surrounding hills and mountains make it a photographers dream. The video below shows the far end of the beach at the mouth of the lagoon. The video below was taken in March so you  may not see it quite as clear as this. From May onwards the holiday season starts. A small fleet of boats arrive for all the boat trips. Along with all the tourists who will be in the water. We stayed over christmas 2017 and were at the exact same place on christmas day and it was just like this.

The place is still stunning in the height of the holiday season and the turquoise sea is breathtaking. A few years ago there was an influx of jetskis and the water was getting a little polluted. But over the last few years these seem to have gone and the water clarity is back to what it was.

Places Nearby

There are many places nearby also well worth visiting. The village of Kayakoy is near and you will be hard pushed to find anywhere more tranquil. Hisanoru up the hill has many bars and nightclubs and if you want the place livley this is where to go. Fethiye has a fantastic old town and Harbour.

Further afield is Kabak which was mostly backpackers a few years ago now it has a number of boutique hotels where you could stop the night. Dalyan is also well worth a stopover if you can the beach there is one of the best in Turkey. There are day trips there to see the mud baths and beach however the real charm is in the town itself. I could go on and on. Travelling around Turkey is so easy and cheap with the great bus and dolmus service. If only I could stay longer, maybe someday.

Oludeniz and Santa Claus

At the back of the Buz bar you will see some ruins of an old church “St. Demetrius Church” in Symbola now called Oludeniz. And was the largest and most significant of 6 churches in the locality and records state that the church was visited a number of times by Nicholas the Bishop of Myra later called St Nicholas ( the protector of children and sailors ).

His story has given him other well-known names around the world such as St Nick, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus and Farther Christmas. Pirates from Africa destroyed a large part of the church. However recent excavations have unearthed some very rare mosaics. Protected under a canopy the church ruins are situated in the grounds of a boutique hotel. During the winter months excavation of the site is still under way.

If you go on one of the boat trips you will very probably stop at St Nicholas Island. This is where the tomb of St Nicholas was from 326ad when he died to 650ad. The remains of St Nicholas’s were then believed to have been moved to Myra. Now Demre 25 miles to the east. Due to the Island being under threat by an Arab fleet.