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Mick Scarsbrook – Fethiye The Jewel of Turkey

Mick Scarsbrook has made an excellent series of videos that show Fethiye and surrounding areas on youtube . Links to them are below or visit his youtube channel Here

These videos give a good realistic view of Oludeniz Fethiye. And the places nearby that you can visit. If you have never been before I would recommend watching them. Many people go on holiday to the region and stay in the hotel and by the pool. If you do you will be this missing out on so much around the region.

Mick Scarsbrook’s Videos

Fethiye The Jewel Of Turkey Part [1] A tourist guide to the Turkish town of Fethiye, introduced by Mick Scarsbrook who lived and worked there for 25 years.

Calis Beach Part [2] A Tourist Guild to Fethiye, Calis Beach and Koca Calis, Showing the resort of Calis and its amenities.

Oludeniz Part [3] A tourist Guide to the beautiful resort of Olu Deniz, Near Fethiye,

 Fethiye, Part [4] Fethiye in southern Turkey, part 4 in the series, covering interesting facts and places, Full HD 1080p

The Ancient Ruins of TLOS Part [5] Tlos near the town of Fethiye, southwest Turkey. Narrated by Mick an English guy who built and ran “The Mountain Lodge” boutique hotel, 1km from the ruins.

Kayakoy Part [6] Kayakoy near Fethiye, Turkey. Including the villages history during the Greek Turkish war 1919-1922 and short hike to Af Monastery. Some unusual drone shots of Kaya.

Saklikent Gorge Part [7]  Saklikent near Fethiye Turkey, including Arsa village and the 8,000 year old Arsa cave paintings.

” The Lycian Way” Part [8] a hiking route in Turkey. Produced and Narrated by Mick Scarsbrook (Mick Amca) Starting from Ovacik near Fethiye and hiking to Faralya and Kabak. 2 days

Fethiye, Part [9]  Fethiye in south west Turkey. Part 9 in the series “Fethiye The Jewel of Turkey” produced, edited and narrated by Mick Scarsbrook ( Mick Amca) In this Program he visits Göcek, Yeşil Vadi Restaurant near Yanıklar, Yeşil Üzümlü and Cadianda ruins.

Dalyan, Part [10] Dalyan in south west Turkey. Part 10 in his series Fethiye the jewel of Turkey

 Hisaronu, Part [11] Hisaronu in south west Turkey. Part 11 in his series Fethiye the jewel of Turkey

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