Lake Koycegiz

Lake Koycegiz is one of the largest lakes in Turkey. Situated very near Dalyan and is easy to get to. A short ride inland up the river past the rock tombs and mud baths will lead you there. Ending up in the middle of a large freshwater lake. Part of the lakes source are thermal springs. These help fill the lake from underground with warm water derived from a geological fault line.

Dalyan River Turkey Dalyan Estuary Turkey

Lake Koycegiz Nighttime Trip

We went on a nighttime boat trip to the lake once. This was good, swimming in the pitch black in one of the warm water areas with only the stars above us.  It wasn’t until the next day when we saw how teaming with of fish the water was that we were swimming in. Some of the riverside cafes bring out stale bread to throw in. Shoals of fish then swarm for it along with river turtles. Now and again they all flee when a river snake swims by. We thought we felt something in the water the night before. Glad we didn’t see the river snake before we went midnight swimming. Both the lake itself and the trip to get there have stunning views and you will be missing out if you don’t take a ride up to see it.

Dalyan to Lake Koycegiz Turkey River Boat Dalyan Turkey

Pictures along the Dalyan river to Lake Koycegiz

The best way to tell you about the river and the lake is to show some pictures. Boat trips in this region of turkey are great and the boats both from Dalyan through the estuary to Iztuzu Beach. And from Dalyan up the river and across the lake to the town of Koycegiz are no exception.

Dalyan River Reeds Dalyan Riverboats


Further up the river widens and the reeds become less dense soon after you are in the large expanse of water which is lake Koycegiz.

Koycegiz Town

Having sailed across the lake you reach the town of Koycegiz where the boat docks. There is a large promenade along the front with a few hotels and some bars and cafes and parks. Most trips are on the market day where you can go around the streets and stalls selling goods. Koycegiz is a much more traditional Turkish town and not a town full of tourists and English speaking shops. We stopped in a small cafe and managed to get by by pointing at the food offers on display. We were treated to a lovely fresh white bean stew with salad and bread and a drink. Which cost us next to nothing.


Lake Koycegiz Sultaniye Thermals and Mud Baths

On the banks of the lake at the opposite end to  the town of Koycegiz are the Sultaniye Thermals and Mud Baths. Not the same mud baths all the tourists are sent to on day trips which are just up the river in Dalyan. These are further out on the banks of the lake and are much nicer. When we went there were very few there. We swam in a dome covered warm thermal pool and were the only 2 swimming in it at the time.