If you visit Dalyan take a trip over the river to Kaunos. The ruins there are well worth a look around and it would be a shame not to see them. you don’t see them advertised much when you get to Dalyan. And trips from nearby resorts don’t seem to have this on their radar. But it is good and you don’t have to travel for days to get there as you do for ones such as Ephasus.

Kaunos Ruins Dalyan

Ive been a few times now and there is never that many people there. To get there you will need to cross the river on a rowing boat. The boats can be found opposite the rock tombs. Near the municipal park where you can be rowed across for a small fee.

Dalyan to Kaunos Taxi

You can then walk along the road heading in the direction of the sea.  This then leads you up a hill to the entrance of the ruins. Just by the entrance is a cafe. Excavation is still underway and you may well see people working on the site when you are there. The ruins spread over a large area. And you can easily spend a couple of hours walking around and looking at the plaques showing the history of the city.

When walking back walk a little further along the road. You are directly under the rock tombs which tower over Dalyan. Here you will get a good view of them and others which you cannot see from across the river in Dalyan.

Rock Tombs at Dalyan

Below shows more pictures taken at Kaunos. You also get great views across the Dalyan Delta with its canals and a great view over dalyan Itself.

Kaunos Ruins 01 Kaunos Ruins 02  Kaunos Ruins 04 Kaunos Ruins 05 Kaunos Ruins 06 Kaunos Ruins 07

Kaunos Ruins 09 Kaunos Ruins 10