Kabak was once just a stop over mainly used by hikers walking the Lycian way in Turkey. A very picturesque valley with a few new age campsites here and there. Today Kabak still has the same feel. Many of the camps are the same as they were years ago, which is nice to see, and quite a few new ones have popped up. Some have moved on and are now Boutique hotels. Basic shower rooms and accommodation in ram shackled wooden huts have been replaced by infinity pools. With luxurious log cabins where you can stay the night.

Getting to Kabak

When I first went the dolmus ( minibus )  from Oludeniz was once or twice a day. This year 2017 when we went the dolmus runs regularly during the day in peak season. And some of the hotels are now open all year long. We had a meal in one place called the Olive garden which had changed since the last time I visited back in 2009.

Stop off at one of the Camps on the walk down Kabak Valley

One favorite place of mine is the Full Moon Camp and I always have to stop there for a drink or something to eat. Just because it is Just has the same feel as when I first ever found it. There does look to be more accommodation bolted on to the camp now. below are a selection of picture I took last time I visited.