Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach Dalyan

Iztuzu beach is one place you must see if you visit Dalyan in Turkey. The beach is protected because Loggahead Turtles lay their eggs there. At the eastern end of the beach¬† there is a turtle hospital, caring for injured turtles. Many from accidents at sea with boat propellers and fishing lines etc. Visit this page to see more on the “Turtle Hospital”.

Iztuzu Beach Dalyan - 10

Getting to Iztuzu Beach Dalyan

There are 2 ways to get to the beach one is by road , you can get a Dolmus ( Bus ) fro the centre of Dalyan which takes you to the eastern end of the beach. the bus drops you off near the Turtle Hospital and there are sunbeds and a cafe there. The picture below shows the eastern End which is usually quieter than the western end.

Iztuzu Beach Dalyan 01

Iztuzu Beach 4.5km ( 2.8 Miles long )

A walk along the beach to the western end will bring you to the tourist end where most boat trips arrive. Before you walk it note that it is 4.5km long ( around 2.8 miles). but it is a nice walk. So peaceful it doesn’t seem anything like that long a walk to me. You will end up finishing at the mouth of the Dalyan estuary. There is another cafe at this end of the beach as well. Both cafes are ran by the council and are very reasonable.

Iztuzu Beach Dalyan 02

Its not unusual to be totally alone walking the beach most people stay at both ends. You often see fishermen catching the blue crabs in the middle of the beach. The beach has fine sand and is shallow for quite a way out.

Iztuzu Beach Dalyan 04

Iztuzu Beach to Dalyan by Boat Taxi

I don’t often walk back to get the return Dolmus. The water taxi is a lovely way to finish the trip taking you through the reed lined canals through the Dalyan estuary. Ending up back in the center of Dalyan. There is also a Boat taxi that can take you up the river up to Lake Koycegiz. and across the river on to the town of Koycegiz itself. “This page has some Pictures of the trip”.