Oludeniz Holidays 2018 May

Oludeniz Holidays 2018 May

Oludeniz Holidays 2018 : Just back from 17 Nights in Oludeniz. Much warmer than usual for May low to mid 30s during the day and mid 20s in the evening. Even better the place was very busy. Compared to the last 3 years tourism has finally picked up.

We felt the difference as soon as we landed at Dalaman. 40 minute queue to get through passport control the last 2 years we have walked straight through. A few people were grumbling about how busy it was, however we thought immediately this looks good for Turkey. Then the poor young girl in front of us fainted. Luckily she didn’t hurt herself and was helped by all around and my better half had an unopened bottle of water to pass to her.

Manaspark Oludeniz Holidays 2018

Oludeniz Holidays 2018 : Our first 7 nights we stayed in the Manaspark, the 4th time we have been there now. Originally we had booked a cheap deal for 10 nights at the Karbel, which had changed to all inclusive this year from B&B and Half Board. All the reviews looks good on tripadvisor so we booked. Then we saw a good deal fro the Manaspark for the week before so decided to go out a week early. We knew the Manaspark was a 24 hour all inclusive and was very plush. We also paid a little more for the deluxe rooms which were very comfortable with a terrific sea view over the bay.

The Manaspark was almost fully booked however it never looked crowded. And it is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Oludeniz that we have found. You only have to have a look on their website to see that. www.manaspark.com . We have been before in May and the only thing we found was it can get a little cold in the evenings being set up the hill. But the views more than make up for that. This year it felt much warmer and only t shirts and shorts were needed in the evening.

Manaspark Garden


Manaspark Set Back from Oludeniz

Situated right at the back of the resort past the Mosque and up the hill a bit. It takes us only 10 minutes to walk to the main strip and around 15 to the seafront. However It’s an uphill walk going back and we saw quite a few people getting taxis rather than do the short walk. If you are not good with walking this may be an issue as the last part is quite steep. We actually enjoy the walk and need it as the food is very good. And very Turkish which we like. Maybe a little too much.

The staff like most places in Oludeniz cannot do enough to help you. We try and speak as much Turkish as we can and staff always seen to encourage this and like it that you try and make an effort to speak their native language. The mix of nationalities there this may was mostly Turkish and then a mix of Russian English and Chinese guests. Mostly couples.

Manaspark Evening View From Room

Wild Boars

A few years ago I saw some wild boars near Oludeniz from a distance. This year I walked right past one on the way back to the hotel one night. It was rooting in the bins opposite the Marcan Resort Hotel. Just up from the taxi rank on the road leading to the Mosque I didn’t realize how big they were. At first we thought it was a large Alsatian dog then getting nearer it was much bigger.  Only when it looked round in the dark at us we saw its snout. We then realized it was a wild boar. Much larger than the ones I saw before from a distance. It soon looked back to the bins again totally un-phased that we were around.

I was sad to leave after my week at the Manaspark and could have stayed there for my full 17 nights. But we had already booked for the Karbel right in the center of Oludeniz and have never been there before.

The Karbel Oludeniz Holidays 2018

Oludeniz Holidays 2018 : So we set off from the Manaspark to our next stop a little down the road the Karbel. We saw work being done on the hotel over Christmas so wondered what it would be like. Its one of the hotels we have never stayed in before so were looking forward to seeing it. The room was small but comfortable like many other hotels in the center. We already knew it would not be as plush as the Manaspark that didn’t bother us. The Karbel was a very good deal for the 10 days.

The Karbel 2018 All Inclusive

The staff were great and made us feel very welcome as soon as we arrived.  The all inclusive only had the one bar open during the day opposite the pool. So if you wanted a drink then it was in a plastic beaker either around the pool. Or on the tables and chairs between the pool and the bar area. The downside to this is that there were 4 very large speakers which were very loud in front of the bar blaring out loud music most of the day. Speakers are often turned up full blast and accompanied by the entertainment manager shouting over them and staff by the pool blowing whistles.

I do understand that many like this however it would have been nice to have another area set away from the pool where you could have a quiet drink. Maybe even out of a glass. There was a large area above the bar and set back overlooking the main street which was unused all the time we were there. As there was no other area in the hotel apart from the pool area and the reception we spent most of the time away from hotel which we used as a base.

Food at the Karbel

That said the salad bar was very good the soups were superb each day and the hot food was decent but only OK at best.  There was little for vegetarians in the main buffet. The hotel is geared up for English guests. Chips and Onion rings were a staple every day on the hot meal buffet menu and although they both could be classed as vegetarian there are much better alternatives in Turkey. We ate out quite a lot which is still very cheap if you don’t have alcoholic drinks.

Mostly British Tourists

The vast majority of people staying were British and there were also quite a few Russians there. Many of the British were repeat customers who knew many of the staff. The rooms cleaned every day to a high standard. The downside was the lack of space to relax that was not either around the pool or in Reception. A quiet bar area would have been a godsend.

That said we are not ones for hanging around hotels all week, Although we didn’t travel as much as we usually do. a few trips to Fethite , Kayakoy Hisaronu and Calis were about as much as we did this year the 17 days flew by and it was nice just to hang around Oludeniz in the bars beach bars and restaurants.

Last paraglider of the day Paragliders

We did bump into someone at the airport who said they were at the Karbel and had had a great holiday. We mentioned we were there for 10 days. They seemed surprised as they had not seen us there. We did say we didn’t spend much time around the pool we got the typical answer back “why would you go outside? you have to pay if you go outside! we didn’t leave the hotel all week!

The Karbel Summary

The Karbel suited a lot of people there, not for us though. We still had a great time and will be back in Turkey for the air games in October. Glad we tried a new hotel however we will probably be going to a smaller B&B with a more intimate atmosphere.

That said the Karbel has filled a gap in the market it was very reasonable and very good value for money. Most people there were families of 4 or more so places like this make Package holidays to Oludeniz more affordable for a family. Quite a few of the people at the hotel said it was their first time in Turkey and they were going to book again for next year. So well done the Karbel for that. Oludeniz Holidays 2018 looks good hope 2019 is even better.

Oludeniz Holidays 2018 Oludeniz Holiday May 2018

Pasa Kebap : Oludeniz Holidays 2018

Oludeniz Holidays 2018 : One place we have been recommended to go to a few times is Pasa Kebap in Fethiye. We have walked past a few times but last week we popped in one lunchtime. It didn’t disappoint. We both had lovely meals and will be going back for sure. Like most places around Fethiye meals are inexpensive and only alcoholic drinks push up the price if you have them with a meal. For the last few years we have gone to all inclusive hotels for the simple reason you can have a drink without having to keep an eye on your spending. Although we often split this with a few nights in a B&B. It’s nice to go out and about.

Few Pics Here

Well that’s it for now! Bye Oludeniz, Back in October for the Air Games.

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