Oludeniz Christmas

Oludeniz Christmas 2017

Well 2017 will be an Oludeniz Christmas.  If we can we try and get away at Christmas. We have the minimum holidays from work, so its nice to get some winter sun if we can. But it can be so expensive so we do it every 2 to 3 years if possible. This year we were considering Malaga in Spain. The flights were really cheap but the hotels were coming up quite expensive and so we also had a look at Turkey. The temperatures were comparable. The flights to Turkey cost quite a bit more, but when you compare the cost of hotels and eating out in Turkey, all in all there was not much between the two.

oludeniz christmas

Turkey For Christmas

So we booked flights to Antalya and a hotel in Side. We have been to Side once before and had a nice holiday, it has a great amphitheater in the center of the town. The hotel that we booked was very large and was an all inclusive with heated pools. and themed restaurants etc. All very luxurious. So I’m ready now for our Christmas break. However part of us still wanted to see our favorite part of Turkey, Oludeniz. But Oludeniz is closed at Christmas. We did ponder with the idea of Calis or Fethiye and going over to Olu for one day.

But we had booked Side and if the weather is bad we have a large hotel full of amenities. A gym, a la carte restaurants, cocktail bars. Truth told, the gym would have given way to the cocktail bar if push came to shove and the weather turned bad.

Change to Plans Oludeniz Christmas

So less than a month to go and ready for my break Side here we come! Then my better half tells me shes cancelled the hotel in Side, and has booked a transfer from Antalya to Oludeniz. We are now staying 3 days in Oludeniz and 4 days in Fethiye. Suddenly I’m looking forward to the break even more. Waking up Christmas day with the beach at Oludeniz almost deserted sounds pretty good. Doing the beautiful scenic walk from the lagoon to Kaya. Walking along the harbor in Fethiye, and seeing the area out of season. It will cost a little more now, as the hotel in Side was a real bargain. But I cant wait for an Oludeniz Christmas.

Oludeniz Christmas 02

Festive Fethiye Christmas

We usually travel around when we visit Turkey. And although we have been to Fethiye numerous times for day visits, we have never stayed there. So this time we have booked a few days. Partly due to the person we booked the transfer from. His comments were “Oludeniz Christmas! are you sure you want to stay there? The graveyard has more life”. He did also advise us to try Fethiye as it will be much busier. I’m really not too bothered about Oludeniz being almost all closed. We usually try and find the quietest bars when we stay anyway. I Don’t think that will be a problem this time.

I looked online for anything about Oludeniz or Ovacik at Christmas but came up with very little, so I decided to write this. I’ll post a follow up and some picks as soon as I get back.

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