The last 20 years have seen the farming villages of Hisaronu and Ovacik change to become thriving summer holiday resorts. Thousands visit from April to November each year. Due to protection orders being placed placed on the nearby bay of Oludeniz and its world famous lagoon. Thus limiting any over-development.  This has lead to both Ovacik and Hisaronu to grow rapidly in order to accommodate the increasing demand for accommodation. And now the area is full of hotels, residential villas. And apartments restaurants bars and all the nightlife that follows such a change.

Hisaronu Early Evening

Just a short bus ride from Oludeniz beach. Hisaronu is in the summer months the liveliest resort near Fethiye with a breathtaking hill top location and cool mountain breeze throughout the hot summer months. Offering many hotels, Villa and apartment rentals. Restaurants, bars and is a real party town buzzing with life.

Although Hisaronu has changed vastly over recent years many places still have a distinctly Turkish feel. Many bars and  serving up traditional Turkish dishes. Prices tend to be a bit cheaper in Hisanoru shopping, accommodation and restaurants and bars often cheaper than on near the beach down in Oludeniz. The dolmus service to Oludeniz Fethiye and Kayakoy are very good.

Hisaronu itself is small only stretching from the roundabout at the top of the road up from Oludeniz to the start of the road leading into Kayakoy.

Hisaronu at Night

As Hisaronu is the centre of nightlife in the area the roads close in the late afternoon. Making way for the crowds that go out in the town in the evening. As for choice in food there’s quite a varied choice here Turkish English Italian Chinese the list goes on. There is even a small funfair and a go cart track. I must admit although I have stayed in the area many times I haven’t gone out here often. I usually stay in Oludeniz and Kaya and sometimes in Ovacik so all I can give is a small overview of the place. It can come across as a mini Marmaris at first sight. Very different to Kayakoy which is just a stones throw away down the road. I actually do really like places being so different when they are so near.

Hisaronu At Night

Hisaronu Dolmus ( Bus Service )

There is a very regular dolmus service running day and night from to Fethiye and Oludeniz. You usually don’t have to wait more than a few minutes to hop on one and the cost is very reasonable.

Who will Hisaronu Suit ?

Hisaronu will suit many different holidaymakers. Remember it is the liveliest place around and if you want to be  in the centre of things its ideal. Because there are so many hotels you may well find a very good deal and is often quite a bit  cheaper than by the beach in Oludeniz. Even better if early and late season and out of school holiday times and it can be a good base for visiting the region.

What to do in Hisaronu

Hisaronu is a small resort but don’t let that deceive you what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in atmosphere. During the day there are numerous shops for you to  haggle for souvenirs in, many tour operators offering you trips venture out of town on an excursion, or catch a dolmus (local bus) to the beach. It’s after dark that Hisaronu shows its true colours with all manner of activities on offer; enjoy a ride on the Pirate Ship or Dodgems in Luna Park, head along to watch the local drag show ‘Talk of the Town’, have your caricature drawn by a local street artist, race against a friend in a go-kart, or simply watch the world go by over a few drinks and a spot of dancing in a bar.

Below is a video by Mick Scarsbrook on Hisaronu.

Local Beaches

Hisaronu is a hill top resort and has no beach, the closest beach is in Oludeniz. A short dolmus (bus) services runs every few minutes from Hisaronu. and costs very little. Easily caught from the bus stops or by simply waving a passing dolmus down as long as it is not full.

Although Hisaronu is a livley resort it is only a short taxi ride to Kayakoy the two places are very different and if you wanted a meal in a chilled out quaint rural village a 5 minuite taxi ride will take you there. Oludeniz is also only a short ride down the hill and has a charm all of its own.

Fethiye also comes alive at night the old town and harbour restaurants are another place well worth a visit if staying in Hisaronu. Situated right at the centre off all these nearby places. Or a many do you may just want to relax in your hotel and breathe the fresh clean mountain air.

Sky Walk Fethiye the Babadag Cable Car

Already well under construction is “Sky Walk Fethiye“. A cable car that can take you up the mountain “Babadag” which overlooks Hisaronu. Due to open in October 2018 just in time for the annual Air Games . If you are staying in Hisaronu from the 16th to 21st of October 2018. Be sure you go down the hill and see the games. The Paragliders which are a fixture of Oludeniz. Are taken to a new level during October when the air games are on.

Now you have to go up quite a steep road to get to the take off points. Which are almost 2000mtrs up the mountain. I think the drive up and down is far more hair raising than doing a tandem jump off the top. The cable car will give you the same views but without you crossing all fingers whilst passing another vehicle on the narrow road up.