Faralya “Butterfly Valley” Turkey

Faralya on the road towards Kabak overlooks Butterfly Valley only a short boat ride from the resort of Oludeniz in Turkey. And is also a  regular stop for people walking the Lycian Way. In the valley itself you can only access via boats.

I was told there is a route down to the bottom of the valley from Faralya, descending from the back of the valley. However I was also warned that is quite dangerous. And unless your a good climber and have a head for heights Its best not to try. Better to go by Boat from Oludeniz. Down in the valley there is a very laid back feel to the place.

Butterfly Valley Turkey

Butterfly Valley Boat Transfer

It is one of the most stunning views when you approach the beach, and is well worth a visit. Most of the boat trips from Oludeniz stop off there for a while. But if you fancy a lazy day there is a boat that will take you there from Oludeniz and bring you back later in the day. Camping there for the night is also an Option.

Paraglide into Butterfly Valley

One thing you can also do if you fancy paragliding is to land on the beach there instead of Oludeniz beach , it costs a little more as a speedboat has to be hired to pick you up. I think its worth the extra as the drop down into the valley is quite dramatic click the image below to see a you tube video of the decent into the valley.

Butterfly Valley Faralya Turkey 02

As you can see from the picture below the valley is Dramatic quite a few people have had pictures taken in this place. I wouldn’t go anywhere near. Since writing this page there has been a fatality here, and I have heard that this extreme viewing point may be made safer with a viewing platform.  The valley really is worth a visit. Even if you don’t go for a day. Most of the boat trips always drop off here for half an hour. So the chance is you may well see it even if you hadn’t planned. Take your Camera!

Butterfly Valley Faralya Turkey