Oludeniz Beach Entrance Fee

Oludeniz Beach Entrance Fee : The western end of the beach in Oludeniz is a national park.  First of all as you enter you have to pay a small entrance fee. This part of the beach It is very scenic and has the most photographed outcrop at the mouth of the lagoon. The Oludeniz Beach entrance fee I think is only  around 6 lira ( just over £1 at today’s exchange rate 11-04-2018 )

There are a few bars and cafes and are quite reasonable for prices. I myself prefer this part of the beach as I’m not one for lying all day on a sunbed. So an hour or two is about enough for me. Note the beach here mostly pebbles not sand.

Oludeniz Beach Entrance Fee

Oludeniz Beach Private Beaches

Most people go to the opposite side of the lagoon where there are private beaches with restaurants and bars. here you are charged an entrance fee to use their sunbeds and facilities for the day. Some hotels have deals with these beaches and you may not have to pay the entrance fee if your hotel has such a reciprocal arrangement.

Belcekiz Beach

Belcekiz beach this is the beach which runs along the front of Oludeniz. To the west side of the beach you will see all the boats moored for daily boat trips. While the rest of the beach is set out with sun loungers and umbrellas. In addition this is also a pebble beach, as are most beaches in this region of Turkey.

Oludeniz National Park

Oludeniz Pebble or Sand Beach

If sandy beaches are a must for a day or two on your holiday it maybe a good idea to stop over at Dalyan for a day or two. Iztuzu beach at Dalyan is probably the nearest and is stunning. And only a short taxi ride from the airport. So we often spend either the last 2 days. Or the first 2 days of our Oludeniz based holiday there. In addition there are other sandy beaches nearby. Patara Beach is also another one.  However Patara is only a small place with a few pensions in which to stay and it takes a while to get there.

Oludeniz Beach Mouth of the Lagoon