My first visit here was a trip to the mud baths and turtle beach. Which was good however I feel Dalyan needs much more than a few hours to see the place. My advice would be to book in a pension or hotel and at least stay for a day or two.  A few years after our mud bath trip we booked here for a day and night. At the end of our holiday before getting the plane back home.

We have been back numerous times since often spending a few days here before going over to Oludeniz.

Dalyan the perfect place to unwind

The place has the most relaxing atmosphere both day and night the river and boats just ooze tranquility. It wasn’t long after I had stayed that night. We decided to book a holiday and stayed at a very relaxed pension near the river. There are a couple of bars that have live music in the evening. And lots of places to eat and drink out. I’m not the sort to stay round a hotel so at first I wondered if there would be enough for me to do. Sixteen days went like a weekend. And Ive lost count of how many times we have been back since.

Dalyan Rock Tombs

There are numerous hotels and pensions all over Dalyan. Our personal favorite is the Kilim Hotel where we are always met with a very warm welcome.

Dalyan River

Dalyan Mud Baths

The mud baths are usually the reason people visit. Supposed to be good for your skin and make you look 10 years younger. ( well I’m not so sure about that ). The mud baths in Dalyan are quite crowded with day visitors on trips. However we did  find out there is another quieter one  further up the river. This is on the banks of the lake Koycegiz. And is called the Sultaniye Thermals and Mud Baths. Here you can swim in a thermal pool covered with a great domed ceiling. And you may well be the only one in there.

Logahead Turtles Hatching Dalyan Logahead Turtle Dalyan

Iztuzu Beach Dalyan

This is the best beach I have found so far in Turkey. And its unspoiled due to  it being  a protected beach. This is because the Logahead Turtles lay their eggs there. At the far eastern end of the beach  is a turtle hospital where you can see turtles being rehabilitated. Mostly due to accidents with boat propellers. If you walk along the beach to the other you will see that this is where most of the day trips boats dock and it is the busier end of the beach. It is also the estuary that leads through the reeds to Dalyan town. When I visit my usual route to the beach is is to get the dolmus to end where the the turtle hospital is, and have a look around. Then walk the beach which is around 2.5 miles long and get the water taxi back to town from the opposite end. There are cafes at both ends of the beach which are council ran and so are very reasonable for drinks and food.

Vintage American Car Scrapyard

One thing we did find in Ortaca when staying in Dalyan was a scrapyard at the side of the road heading towards Marmaris. If your in Dalyan and like American cars. You wouldn’t want to miss this place The American Auto Show

Classic American Cars Dalyan Classic American Cars Ortaca