Oludeniz to Kayakoy Walk

Oludeniz to Kayakoy Walk

I’m not really one for lying on a sunbed looking over the lagoon. If it’s is a beach day when we are on holiday I often take a little detour. A  walk from the lagoon in Oludeniz to Kayakoy and back. Ive done this walk many times now and it is one of the most scenic walks I have ever done.  The walk starts just past the Sun City Beach Club. Situated at the far end of the lagoon and leads up into the hills. The start is quite steep through the pine trees and gives great views of the lagoon and Oludeniz.

View of Oludeniz - Kayakoy Walk View of Oludeniz - Walk to Kayakoy

Kayakoy to Oludeniz Pine Forests and Sea Views

Taking you through open areas and through more pine forests. And then looking down over cold water bay. Where you can often see the boat trips stopping. The path then meanders zig zagging upwards then after a little while again in and out of wooded areas. Ending up on the hill above Kayakoy. A short decent and you are in the ghost town Itself.

Fallen Tree - Oludeniz to Kayakoy Walk Pine Trees - Oludeniz to Kayakoy Walk

Dolmus From Kaya to Oludeniz or Walk Back

You could get the dolmus back to Hisaronu and change for Oludeniz. Or stop in a bar or restaurant in Kayakoy if you wish. I often the same walk to return and by the time I get back to the lagoon a cool effes in one of the beach bars is just the thing after doing the walk there and back.

Pine Trees - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk Flowers in Bloom - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk

Watch out for the Path Markers

It can be quite easy to miss the path in parts so I would advise doing the walk with someone first if unsure. Below are some pics I have taken on the walk. And here is a good guide showing the same walk. But the opposite way starting in Kayakoy and ending in Oludeniz. And has some helpful tips on following the painted path markers. “Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk.” The walk itself is 6k (3.73 miles) one way. So to do there and back it would be 12k or (7.46 miles). Tip : If you see a marker that looks like an arrow it is not pointing you in a direction. it is indicating the path bends here. We got this wrong the first time and have met quite a few people who have done the same on the walk.

Kaya to Oludeniz Walk Spring or Summer

One think you may not see is the flowers that are out in the spring. I first did the walk in early April and there were wild flowers that were some knee high especially in the one open flat part you walk across. Returning the year after in late May the flowers had died off by then , the views were still great it was just  missing the abundance of wild flowers. As you can see by the two pictures of a tortoise I came across in the flat part on both Oludeniz to Kayakoy walks. You can see the difference from early April to late May.

Kayakoy April 2009 Kaya to Oludeniz Walking CompanionPath through the flowers - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk Open Space - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk First view cold water bay - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk Winding path above cold water bay - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk Looking down on cold water bay - Kaya to Oludeniz walk Cold water bay - Kaya to Oludeniz walk Kaya to Oludeniz walk Lizard - Kaya to Oludeniz Walk Kaya to Oludeniz Walk view Kaya to Oludeniz Walk path Kaya to Oludeniz Walk at the top Kaya to Oludeniz Walk flattens out Kayakoy to Oludeniz wild Horses April 2009 Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk Turkey  Kayakay to Oludeniz Walk view over Kaya valleyOludeniz to Kayakoy Walk view over Kaya valley Kayakoy Ghost Town - Oludeniz to Kayakoy walk