Oludeniz Air Games 2019

Oludeniz Air Games 2019 – 15th to 20th October 2019

Oludeniz is famous for its paragliding. Paragliders take off all day weather permitting from the mountain “Babadag”. Which overlooks the resort and is almost 2000 mtrs high. The annual International Oludeniz Air Games 2019 start in October. This years dates are from the 15th to the 20th of October. If you are looking into having a holiday at this time of the year. Catching the air games is an added bonus.

20th International Air Games

I first went quite a few years ago not knowing the air games was on. Since then I have been back 3 times during October. Making sure I catch at least some of the air games. Not only do you get the great holiday as always. Its nice to see the build up for the games and all the people there for the event.

Oludeniz Air Games 2017

Oludeniz Air Games 2019 – 15th to the 20th October

In addition to the numerous paragliders who flock there for this time of year filling the sky from dawn till dusk. The competition events are very impressive from the aerial displays by solo and team paragliders. To base jumpers and pilots in wing suits. Link here to some pics I took at the 2018 Games.

Oludeniz Wing Suit

Youtube Oludeniz Air Games

If you want to see what Oludeniz is like during the air games. Have a look on Youtube there are numerous videos up of the event. If you think the front at Oludeniz is busy with paragliders during the summer. Its nothing compared to what its like during the air games in October. Seeing tables and chairs cloaked with a parachute or a fire engine helping a paraglider out of a tree is not that uncommon. But with that amount of solo pilots there landing at the same time its hardly surprising.

Be prepared for it getting cooler at nights October can be unpredictable. We have been there with jeans and sweatshirts at night and some of the bars have fires outside. Other times we have been and wore t shirts and shorts in the evening. Although I would expect it to be colder at night. and if it isn’t its a bonus. The 20th International Air Games 2019 – 15th of October to the 20th of October in Oludeniz Turkey.

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Oludeniz International Air Games 2018

Oludeniz International Air Games 2018

Air Games 2018. This is the 4th or 5th time we’ve been for the air games week in October. And this was the best Ive seen it it seems to get bigger and better each year. We are already on the lookout for flights for next year and we have only just got back.

The atmosphere is great throughout the games, and doesn’t stop when the last pilots land. Live music shows were on each night from a stage set up an the front. One night a hot air balloon set off from the beach.

October can be hit or miss for weather and when we arrived the heavens opened. We usually see torrential rain for a short while but this lasted 6 hours the strip was under 1 or 2 foot of water and when we got to our room it was also submerged under 3 inches. Luckily the bag with our passports etc was on a table out of the waters reach. We got another room and the next day it was glorious sunshine and was around 30 degrees. I took jeans and a sweatshirt for the evenings but as the last time I went in October they were never worn. T shirts and shorts in the evening, the weather was perfect.

Air Games 2018

We tried to count the paragliders in the air all at once, when we got towards 100 we gave up. Apparently this year there were over 900 paragliders there for the games from over 50 countries. There was a constant line of dolmus’s “buses” to shuttle the pilots to the top of “Babadag” The Mountain where they take off from. Some pilots landed on buildings and I saw one land on a table full of guests at the bar on the beach. With all the acrobatic tricks a few wings did collapse. Luckily the emergency parachutes worked. One pilot after opening his emergency parachute even managed to catch his wing as it fell through the air towards the sea.

Took a few pics below. Well that’s if for Oludeniz for a while we were thinking of going back again this Christmas but we have since booked a break in Mexico as a treat. So the next time we will see this beautiful country is in May 2019.

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