Calis Beach

To the far west side of Fethiye harbor is Calis beach with its long promenade. The easiest and nicest way to get there from Fethiye is to use the water taxi. The taxi takes you across Fethiye harbour and drops you off right in the center of Calis. There are many restaurants and bars all along the front and is well wort a visit.

Calis is quite different to Oludeniz. The surroundings are much flatter and it has much more of a traditional holiday resort look a long promenade, one side of which is the beach and the other mostly restaurants and bars. Along with and many hotels both along the front an set back.  Make sure you are about in the early evening as the Subnsets can be stunning.

Calis Beach Sunset

Calis Information

In addition one of  the best places to look for more on Calis is the website A website dedicated to Calis there is also a very informative forum with a wealth of information not only on Calis but also all around the Fethiye region

Calis Beach View

View of Calis Beach

Above is a view along the beach , below the promenade.

Calis Beach Strip

Living In Calis

Many ex pats have decided to relocate to Calis.  It has proved to be a very popular place with many who decide to move over. And choose to make it their permanent or semi permanent home. While Calis is by the sea and beach it is also in Fethiye. And so making it part of a bustling city that is alive all year round. Unlike some other places which are popular destinations throughout the summer tourist season. But as soon as that is over the places turn into ghost towns. all the shops shutter up from October to May. Luckily even other holiday destinations nearby such as Ovacik and Hisanoru are in relativity close proximity to Fethiye so although many places are shut in these areas you are only a short dolmus ride to Fethiye.