Babadag “The Father Mountain”

If you visit Oludeniz seeing babadag is a must you can catch the Dolmus “bus” which will take you to the summit. From there you can see the spectacular views that overlook the sea and Oludeniz to one side. And inland towards Fethiye to the other. The bus ride up is quite an experience in itself. As the roads are very narrow in places and wind steeply up the mountain side.

Babadag Mountain

Babadag 1995 Paragliding

My first trip up was Early May in 1995. I had to go and do a tandem paragliding jump after watching pilots land on the sea front all day. It was around 28 degrees on the beach in Oludeniz. But as we drove up the mountain on the back of an open Jeep it was starting to get much much colder. I didn’t realize how cold until we got to the summit. There was quite a bit of snow still around up there. Back then you took off from the same point but it was not paved and there was no restaurant or cable cars. It was just the top of a mountain. And you ran through the scree until the parachute canopy lifted and pulled you upwards.

The Turkish pilot who took me up reassured me in the usual Turkish way. He asked me if it was my first parachute jump when I said “yes” his immediate answer was “Me Too”. The flight was great and not what I expected it was so quiet and calm up in the sky he pointed out the mountains and where he came from in the distance and then asked if I smoked. I did back then. I was then passed a lit cigarette to have with him as we glided out towards the sea.

Views from Babadag

Take a camera as the mountain is much higher than anything you will see in the UK. Babadag is 1,969 meters (6,460 ft). What makes mountains like Babadag so breathtaking is that its not inland it rises straight up form the sea.

Near the summit you will find a restaurant and bar looking out towards Oludeniz beach and the blue lagoon below. Under construction is Skywalk Fethiye a cable car which was due to open 2018 however it was still not finished upon my visit this October 2018.

I would think it will be open soon as the World air games will be held in Turkey in 2020. Hoping its up for my next visit in May 2019.