American Cars found near Dalyan Turkey

Some of the American cars were in pristine condition. While some were almost returning back to the earth with trees growing out of them. Further back were some very large sheds where the stripped out parts were kept. We wandered around for well over an hour and took lots of pictures. Our guide kept insisting we had our photos taken with the cars. We never usually have our photos taken and hide away as soon as a camera appears, so this was a little unnerving for us. However our guide was so accommodating we obliged.

Vintage American Car Dalyan Ortaca Marmaris Turkey

American Car Scrapyard

At the far end of the yard were other men working on the cars. Welding and cutting panels with a huge guillotine. When the cars are refurbished some end up being used in films. And are often shipped overseas.

Vintage American Cars Dalyan Ortaca Marmaris Turkey

American oto Auto Show Ortaca Dalyan Turkey

The reception office was full of pictures of show condition cars. In addition the four or 5 cars directly outside the office were immaculate. Our host thanked us for visiting and gave us the strongest cup of coffee I have ever had. He asked me how we knew about the place. And I said we had noticed it from the road.

Classic American Cars Dalyan Ortaca Marmaris Turkey

If you like old American cars and are in Dalyan for a holiday you cant miss this place Just ask for the American Auto Show. More pictures can be seen on “this page”  To get there ask at the dolmus station in Ortaca for the american auto show. We were lucky and a dolmus  driver took us there as he had some free time. The Scrapyard is just off the main road heading towards Marmaris so buses pass frequently and can easily be flagged down in order to get back.

Classic American Auto Show Cars Dalyan Ortaca Marmaris Turkey