Oludeniz Activities

Oludeniz is quite a small resort however it has an abundance of activities and the main one Paragliding is unique to the resort.

Upon arriving in Oludeniz you may well be asked to go on various excursions. There are lots of people selling Oludeniz trips and tours. Don’t miss out most are great value for money. And there is wide variety of things to do. If it is your first visit you may find the sellers can be a bit pushy. This is quite normal in Turkey. If you need to be somewhere, politely say you cannot stop. They will probably then just offer you their leaflet. Where you to see the trips they have on offer. Some sellers may come across as pushy don’t be put off by this. The trips are well worth doing. And the sellers on the streets are often much cheaper than the same trips purchased through the holiday reps in the hotel.

Boat Trips

The ones from Oludeniz are fantastic and often take you to various bays and a short stop in Butterfly Valley (Faralya) we usually do at least one when we are there and usually towards the end of our stay as its very easy to get a little too much sun sailing around all day. It can be a bit choppy sometimes getting on and off the boats in Oludeniz. If your not steady on your feet you can do a boat trip from Fethiye where you get on the boat from the harbour, However I must admit I prefer the trips from Oludeniz. Only because the Oludeniz trips stop at butterfly valley and st Nicholas Island. Which are a bit more scenic than the Fethiye boat trip stops. They are both a great day out and are well worth doing.

Butterfly Valley Boat Trip Oludeniz Activities Butterfly Valley Oludeniz Activities Boat Trips

Historical Tours Oludeniz Activities

If you like ancient history you wont be stuck for trips in Turkey. Ephesus and Pamukkale being probably being the best known. However the trip is quite a way from Oludeniz. You may need a couple of days in order to do it. Places nearer are Kaunos in Dalyan and the ruins at Patara. Tlos. Wherever you go you will see many ancient historical features. In Oludeniz itself the church of St. Demetrius is still being excavated. There are also many other sites in Fethiye. And in nearby Uzumlu and Kayakoy.

Rock Tombs Dalyan Turkey Activities

Fun Tours Oludeniz Activities

There are also more trips aimed at general family fun. And visiting other parts of the region that you should get to see if you have time. The mud baths at Dalyan is a very popular one where you may well visit Iztuzu Beach as well. And also Saklikent Gorge which is one of the deepest canyons in the world. Then there is the trip to Patara beach and also up the mountain Babadag which towers above Oludeniz and is where all the Paragliders take off.

Extreme Sports

You will see as soon as you arrive in Oludeniz the Paragliders. Who land constantly all day long on the beach you can do a tandem jump from the mountain and it takes 30 minutes to get down, you can easily be up as long a 45 minutes if the thermals are right. I first did it in 1995 and the price hasn’t changed since then in fact it may be a little cheaper now probably because there are many more pilots. An alternative to landing in Oludeniz is to land in Faralya ( Butterfly Valley. ) This costs a little more as they have to hire a boat to pick you up after landing. But is worth it as the view gliding into the valley is amazing.

Paraglider Over Oludeniz Acitvities

White water Rafting is another excursion I see on the advertising boards. Its one I have never done. Im sure the guys at the kiosks will tell you all about it

One note on extreme sports such as these. It is always a good idea to get Insurance cover for this before going on holiday. Although the paragliding companies have some insurance you wont be covered on your standard holiday insurance. If anything did happen and you needed any sort of medical treatment it could work out to be a very expensive holiday. If unsure look up adventure sports travel insurance on the internet and you may be able to pay for additional cover for the days when you intend to do the activity.