Oludeniz to Kayakoy Walk

Oludeniz to Kayakoy Walk

I’m not really one for lying on a sunbed looking over the lagoon. If it’s is a beach day when we are on holiday I often take a little detour. A  walk from the lagoon in Oludeniz to Kayakoy and back. Ive done this walk many times now and it is one of the most scenic walks I have ever done.  The walk starts just past the Sun City Beach Club. Situated at the far end of the lagoon and leads up into the hills. The start is quite steep through the pine trees and gives great views of the lagoon and Oludeniz.

View of Oludeniz - Kayakoy Walk View of Oludeniz - Walk to Kayakoy

Kayakoy to Oludeniz Pine Forests and Sea Views

Taking you through open areas and through more pine forests. And then looking down over cold water bay. Where you can often see the boat trips stopping. The path then meanders zig zagging upwards then after a little while again in and out of wooded areas. Ending up on the hill above Kayakoy. A short decent and you are in the ghost town Itself.

Fallen Tree - Oludeniz to Kayakoy Walk Pine Trees - Oludeniz to Kayakoy Walk

Dolmus From Kaya to Oludeniz or Walk Back

You could get the dolmus back to Hisaronu and change for Oludeniz. Or stop in a bar or restaurant in Kayakoy if you wish. I often the same walk to return and by the time I get back to the lagoon a cool effes in one of the beach bars is just the thing after doing the walk there and back.

Pine Trees - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk Flowers in Bloom - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk

Watch out for the Path Markers

It can be quite easy to miss the path in parts so I would advise doing the walk with someone first if unsure. Below are some pics I have taken on the walk. And here is a good guide showing the same walk. But the opposite way starting in Kayakoy and ending in Oludeniz. And has some helpful tips on following the painted path markers. “Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk.” The walk itself is 6k (3.73 miles) one way. So to do there and back it would be 12k or (7.46 miles). Tip : If you see a marker that looks like an arrow it is not pointing you in a direction. it is indicating the path bends here. We got this wrong the first time and have met quite a few people who have done the same on the walk.

Kaya to Oludeniz Walk Spring or Summer

One think you may not see is the flowers that are out in the spring. I first did the walk in early April and there were wild flowers that were some knee high especially in the one open flat part you walk across. Returning the year after in late May the flowers had died off by then , the views were still great it was just  missing the abundance of wild flowers. As you can see by the two pictures of a tortoise I came across in the flat part on both Oludeniz to Kayakoy walks. You can see the difference from early April to late May.

Kayakoy April 2009 Kaya to Oludeniz Walking CompanionPath through the flowers - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk Open Space - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk First view cold water bay - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk Winding path above cold water bay - Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk Looking down on cold water bay - Kaya to Oludeniz walk Cold water bay - Kaya to Oludeniz walk Kaya to Oludeniz walk Lizard - Kaya to Oludeniz Walk Kaya to Oludeniz Walk view Kaya to Oludeniz Walk path Kaya to Oludeniz Walk at the top Kaya to Oludeniz Walk flattens out Kayakoy to Oludeniz wild Horses April 2009 Kayakoy to Oludeniz Walk Turkey  Kayakay to Oludeniz Walk view over Kaya valleyOludeniz to Kayakoy Walk view over Kaya valley Kayakoy Ghost Town - Oludeniz to Kayakoy walk

American Auto Show Near Dalyan

American Auto Show Dalyan Turkey

If visiting Dalyan Turkey and you like old American cars. You don’t want to miss this place “The American Auto Show”.  It’s a scrapyard / auto shop. Where there are hundreds of cars from the 1930s to 1970s in various states of disrepair.

Classic American Car American Classic Dalyan

We came across it a few years ago and decided to have a look around. Not knowing if it was open to the public or not we went anyway. On arrival were welcomed inside and given a full guided tour. The cars are near Dalyan in Ortaca, and are on some open land just on the left as you head out of town on the road that heads off towards Marmaris. I have put a post up about it “here” . However I have just come across more photos I took so have put them on this page.

American Car Turkey Old American Car

Seeing people working on the cars, welding and cutting panels in the open air. And bringing some of these old classic cars back to their former glory was an added bonus.

Classic Car Ortaca Ortaca American Auto Show

Dalyan, you can keep the mud Baths! I much preferred visiting this.

I understand its not everyone’s cup of tea, to go looking at old cars some rotting into the ground on holiday. But I know a few piston heads that would really like to visit this. I haven’t seen the place mentioned anywhere, just lucky I spotted it from the bus. The hotel we were staying at knew about it, but seem surprised anyone wanted to visit.

American Auto Show Dalyan Vintage American Car Scrapyard Turkey

Dalyan is famous for its mud baths. Where you can cover yourself in mud with crowds of tourists. Shower off and then soak in a sulphur pool where you come out stinking of rotten eggs. I don’t get it ? Much preferred wandering around here. I must have taken more than a hundred pictures here’s just a few.

American Car Scrapyard Turkey Vintage American Car Scrapyard Dalyan Classic American Car Scrapyard Turkey Classic American Car Scrapyard Dalyan Classic American Car Scrapyard Mugla Classic American Car Scrapyard Marmaris Classic American Car Scrapyard Ortaca Vintage US car Dalyan Vintage US Auto Dalyan Classic Car US Auto Dalyan American Auto Show American Auto Show Dalyan Turkey American Auto Show Ortaca Turkey American Car Rat Rod Dalyan Turkey Kustom Autos Dalyan Kustom Autos Ortaca Custom American Autos Ortaca Chevrolet Ortaca Dalyan Turkey American Pick Up Turkey



Oludeniz Beach Holidays

Oludeniz Beach Holidays : Only going back to the 1980s, there was no much in Oludeniz apart from one of the most idyllic lagoons in the world, sat beside picturesque pine-clad mountains rising straight up from the sea. With a few backpackers campsites dotted around. Then the developers moved in and during the early the 1990s and the campsites were intermingled with new hotels restaurants and bars. Oludeniz as a holiday destination was then born. Luckily and just in time, national park status protected much of the lagoon and strict building regulations meant the hotels were quite small and none were high rise.

Early evening Oludeniz Beach Holidays

Oludeniz back then consisted of mainly smaller hotels and apartment blocks, dotted along the valley rising up from the seafront. Oludeniz as shown in many travel brochures and even if you look on google earth actually shows 3 areas, Oludeniz itself down the valley near the sea. Ovacik, which is slightly bigger and noisier and has many residential areas. And Hisaronu, which is where all the larger hotels. restaurants and night clubs are. Hisaronu and Ovacik are both up on hill from Oludeniz, and are situated on a plateau about 4km (2.5 miles) from the beach.

Oludeniz Beach Holidays : The Blue Lagoon and Belcekiz Beach

Most of the lagoon is lined by shallow sloping sand and pebble beaches leading in to very still water. The sand is a little gritty and there are quite a few pebbles so beach footwear is advised. But apart from than that, it is a perfect beach for small children with still water and a gentle slope. On the innermost side of the lagoon you will find private beach clubs. where you pay to enter and can use their facilities. The part of the lagoon that leads to the seafront of the  is the natural park and you pay a small fee to enter.  Here you can find some forested areas where you can lounge under the shade of the pine trees, that hang over the beach in places.

Moving away from the lagoon and round to the seafront you find the beach drops away steeply into the sea. And there is no natural shade. You will also see boats moored along the beach between the outcrop leading to the lagoon and the beach in front of Oludeniz which is called Belcekiz Beach. No fee to go on here but you may need to hire a sun lounger and umbrella. This is where you will find the most hardened sun worshippers often disturbed by the odd paraglider who lands amongst them. Carry on out of Oludeniz along the coast road and you will come across the quieter Kidrak Beach only couple of kilometers away to the east again you have to pay a small fee to use this beach also but it is quiet.

Blue Lagoon inOludeniz

Beyond the Beach : Oludeniz Beach Holidays

Oludeniz itself is quite lively with lots of bars and restaurants, boat trips. Tours and excursions and the paragliding. Yet still retains a laid back feel. The surrounding area also has much to offer and you don’t have to go far to find it. Just up the hill there is Hisaronu with much more nightlife. Further on from Hisaronu is Kaya Köy is a deserted village. Abandoned by the Greeks who had to leave out of Turkey in 1924. Good to visit during the day to see the ruins and there is a great walk that takes you to the lagoon in Oludeniz. Kayakoy is also good for a quiet night out and has some great restaurants and has a really laid back atmosphere at night.

Oludeniz Beach Holidays : Most of the boat trips leaving form Oludeniz visit various bays nearby and are well worth doing. Or get the boat to Butterfly Valley for the day. A hidden valley with a delightful beach and walks up through the valley to a waterfall. Alternatively go to the local market town of Fethiye for retail therapy or a Turkish bath. Fethiye again is great for a night out, the old town near the harbor is idyllic. There are also some dive sites off Babadag, the mountain towering almost 2000 mtrs above Oludeniz. One of the world’s greatest paragliding spots from here you can take a tandem flight, landing on the beach. And for walkers the Lycian Way trekking route starts at the Montana Pine resort at top of the hill just above Oludeniz.

Kabak Valley

Further on from butterfly valley you come to Kabak once only a stopover for walkers of the Lycian way. But now along with small camps for backpackers you will find boutique hotels. Well worth spending a night there if you want to be out of the way in a beautifull valley.

Family Holidays : Oludeniz Beach Holidays

Oludeniz is also great for family holiday. Most of the hotels in the area are very child-friendly, Many of the larger resorts have kids clubs. And its not all extreme sports like Paragliding. There are also gentler water sports such as banana boats on offer on the lagoon and boat trips with snorkeling. The hills behind the resort are filled with wonderful walks and hikes as mentioned above, and the scenery is fantastic wild flowers and birds, lizards and tortoises. Its not uncommon to see goat herds and even wild horses. There are places to hire mountain bikes. Ride horses, go canoeing or white-water rafting or take a jeep safari. and there are numerous Historical sites not far from your doorstep.

Exploring further afield

Oludeniz sits in the middle of a ring of magnificent ancient ruined cities. The finest is undoubtedly Xanthos (67km/42 miles), capital of the Lycian Federation. Whose population committed mass suicide three times rather than admit defeat. Nearby the Letoön is a charming temple complex now largely taken over by frogs. Combine a trip to the smaller sites of Tlos and Pinara with an afternoon in the shady depths of the canyon at Saklikent. 45km/30 miles away where an icy river tumbles through the steep rock walls. Of one of the longest gorges in the world.

Or visit the dune-swept Patara, where the half-buried city leads onto a magnificent 18km (12 mile) white sand beach. It was here that St Nicholas (aka Father Christmas) was born in the fourth century AD. Finally, back near the airport near Dalaman. There you find the town of Dalyan. Here you can take a boat through the reed beds to ancient Kaunos. Or upstream towards Lake Koycegiz. To the mud baths where you can wallow in the mud bath and thermal sulphur pools. Near Dalyan there is also Itzuzu beach. 3 miles long and it is a pristine sandy beach with a turtle hospital at the far end.