Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz Beach Turkey : I first visited Oludeniz in the mid 1990s since then I have returned to Turkey at least 30 times. Staying in various places near to Oludeniz and the surrounding area.

Like many who keep returning I have found something very special in this part of Turkey. Even when we have been on holiday in other beautiful places in the world. I often think to myself Its nice here, but not as nice as Oludeniz.

Oludeniz Beach


My first Visit to Oludeniz ( Oludeniz Beach )

I first arrived in sometime in May 1995 my partner had booked us a holiday there. We arrived very late at night after a journey which seemed like hours in torrential rain. The Gocek tunnel which opened in 2006 makes the journey much easier nowadays.

The tourist season has only just started.  Upon arrival one of the hotel staff showed us to our room which was small and basic. Tired and wet I lay down to try and get some sleep, I think it was around 3 or 4am.

After grabbing only an a hour or so sleep. The early morning call to prayer awoke me. I lay in the bed for a while and then it started to get lighter outside. Unable to sleep I decided to go outside for a look around. Then wandered out of the room leaving everyone else who were still sleeping.

It had just stopped raining and the sun was coming out. The resort was still in the shade from the mountains however the tops of the hills surrounding Oludeniz were just beginning to be lit up with the morning sun. The roads were not tiled back then. So I walked down the road avoiding the mud and puddles to get to the seafront. Arriving at night I had no idea what Oludeniz or Turkey looked like. I certainly was not expecting a view of the Mediterranean coastline with a beautiful turquoise sea set against the backdrop of huge snow tipped mountains.

Oludeniz Beach Lagoon

Oludeniz Beach Front

That is when I first saw the crystal clear sea and Oludeniz Beach front. The view was breathtaking and from then on the holiday got better and better. It was our first holiday abroad as a young family. My partner and son had gone the year before with her family to Altinkum. This was the reason why she has booked again for Turkey! But this time it was to Oludeniz. I’m so glad she did its the one holiday I will always remember, and a place that will always be special to me.

Oludeniz Front

Oludeniz Beach and The Blue Lagoon

You may well have seen pictures Oludeniz Beach and the blue lagoon. Oludeniz just happens to have of the most photographed stretches of beach in the world. The turquoise clear sea and the backdrop of the surrounding hills and mountains make it a photographers dream. The far end of the beach is a nature reserve and you have to pay a small entrance fee to go there.

Paragilders Landing on Oludeniz Beach

Another unique attribute Oludeniz has is the paragliders who glide down all day long weather permitting  from Babadag “the father mountain” landing on Oludeniz Beach. The mountain itself can be seen from the far end of the lagoon and and comes into view as you walk along the front of Oludeniz beach. In Oludeniz itself the hills that surround the center hide the mountain from View. Babadag is almost 2000mtrs high and rises straight up from the sea overlooking Olu. There is also the annual “Oludeniz Air Games“held there in October. When you will the place is full of people there to witness the spectacular event. Paragliding is one of the many great activities Oludeniz has to offer.

The picture below shows the scale of Babadag rising 1,969 metres (6,460 ft) from the sea overlooking Oludeniz. A tandem paraglide jump takes about 45 minutes from take off from the top of Babadag, to landing on the  front of oludeniz beach.